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Yesterday my brother and I were on the highway. We missed our exit and had to go farther ahead. Ahead there was traffic but it was dark at night and almost 10. Why was there traffic? Cars moved to the leftmost lanes and even closer up were ambulance lights flashing blocking 2 lanes to the right. We slowly make our way past the lighted scene and i survey everything on my right.Shattered glass, a green teddy bear, a green teddy bear lying abandoned in the middle of the uncleared road surrounded by shattered and scattered glass. I imagine a scene of a child crying as his/her mother holds the child reaching his/her arms out as he cries and leaves his beloved teddy bear. A sudden rush of questions flew through my mind: Was that the case? That the child left their beloved teddy bear? How is the child doing? Did anything happen to the child? Or was he/she in the car when the accident happened? I couldn’t let the questions go. They played in my mind a few times. Moving forward a car trunk completely smashed, a black SUV, that is. A camo green SUV is in the grass 90 degrees to the right from traffic and I conclude the accident. We pass the accident area and move to our exit and go back on the highway. We pass the accident area from the opposing traffic of ambulance lights and the abandoned green teddy bear pops into my head. I imagine the incident if the child and question all that I questioned before and hope everyone is okay.

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Is it possible to overdose on adorable baby animal GIFs?

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my wallet is empty just like my soul

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that moment when you realise that you look prettier with long hair.




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Long hair…




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  • Me with long hair: I need a haircut
  • Me with short hair: I need to grow my hair out
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